max ballatore

About me

Born in the vibrant streets of Naples, nestled in the southern region of Italy,

I am a photographer and Art director
recognized for my narrative-driven approach and ever-evolving creativity.
I mainly focus on fashion, advertising, and reportage photography.
At the core of my methodology lies a commitment to creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
during photo sessions. This environment encourages my subjects to showcase their true essence,

resulting in photographs that shine with authenticity and spontaneity.
Beyond capturing mere moments, my photography strives to create engaging visual narratives
that offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human experiences.

With a profound dedication to visual storytelling.


I have worked for

Intesa Sanpaolo, DODO Pomellato, Tim, Segafredo Zanetti,

Museum, Invicta, Roccobarocco, Camomilla Italia ,

Sonny Bono, Yamamay, Romeo Gigli , RR Shoes,

Wallpaper, Vogue Italy, Vogue Korea , Vogue Living

SportWeek, XL Repubblica, Plaza Uomo, Men’s Health USA

and some others…

Some of my works also appear on:

Saatchi Gallery