max ballatore

About me

Born in the lively city of Naples, in the southern part of Italy, I am a passionate photographer, recognized for my narrative-driven work and for a creativity that is constantly evolving.

My unique methodology focuses on creating a comfortable and relaxed environment during photo sessions, allowing my subjects to express themselves in a natural and spontaneous way. This approach translates into photographs that exude authenticity and spontaneity.

My photography goes beyond mere images; it transforms concepts into captivating visual stories that offer a glimpse into the lives and experiences of real people. I am deeply committed to the art of visual storytelling, using my lens to convey authentic and emotional narratives.


Intesa Sanpaolo, Segafredo Zanetti, DODO jewels, Museum, Invicta, Tim, Roccobarocco, Camomilla Italia , Sonny Bono, Yamamay, Romeo Gigli , RR Shoes, Wallpaper, Vogue Italy, Vogue Korea , Vogue Living

SportWeek, XL Repubblica, Plaza Uomo, Men’s Health USA

and some others…

Some of my works also appear on:

Saatchi Gallery